Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thing #22: Keepin' it Together: Livebinders

Ancient Egypt Binder

Livebinders is a great way to organize all the information that you see on the internet, and stuff you have on your computer.  It allows to you to create "binder".  You can upload documents and videos.  The great thing is you can create a link to another website.  I find when I am just surfing stuff for my future classroom that I say to myself oh this is a great website I will remember this.  Then I vaguely remember and spend 20 minutes searching for it at a later date.  It is easy to link websites to the binder you just click on your bookmark tool bar and tadaaaa it is in the binder. 

I have organized three binders for for.  Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome  These are three major topic areas that I will be teaching in the future.  Right now I just have several general website in the binder but my plan is to add subtabs that are titled by the standard it will teach.  It will be a great way to organize. 

This could be a great way to share resources with student.  This way you have control over the information they are using for their research.  But as long as you have plenty of sources all the students research will be different.  Again it takes the guessing out of finding creditable sources for students. 

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