Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thing #16: Get Organized with Web 2.0 Tools

I picked the Symbaloo start page.  I like the format of the page.  The others seemed cluttered.  I like that it had google features since I already have a google account it made it easy to navigate.  I do not think that I will use this start page much.  By the time I remembered to log into it I most likely will have logged into my usually pages.  I do not use that many on a daily basis.  

Online calendars are great because you can access them anywhere with internet.  Something that always aggravates me is when I need to check my calendar and I do not have it with me.  In this day in age when everything is go go go, I dislike making people waiting on me to check my schedule.  

I think that the PDF Converter and Zamzar will be useful when teaching. It is always frustrating when you have a file in an incorrect format and you cannot open it.  I think the Remember the Milk to do list.  It is a great tool because your to do list will always be with you(well as long as you have internet). 

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