Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thing #20: YouTube and Beyond

HECTOR VS ACHILLES Lego Action - TeacherTube

 YouTube can be a great way to engage students.  The disadvantage of YouTube is there is so much out there.  You need to carefully view the videos before showing the content to your students.  I picked a YouTube video about Hector vs Achilles.  It is in lego action which I think a lot of 6th grades would be able to connect with.  Another reason I picked this video because it was accurate in retelling the Greek Myth.  Attaching YouTube videos to my classroom website would be a great way to help students and parents with homework and classroom content.  

After searching some other video tools and applications I decided that Movie Clips would have a great use in my classroom.  This movie clips are a great way to bring history alive.  The movie clips would also be a great way to engage students in a debate.  Movie clips are not always accurate when it comes to history.  It would be interesting to play to clips covering the same topic and let the students decide which is accurate. 

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