Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thing # 14: Go With the Flow

I always used the terms flow chart and mind map interchangeably.  Now I know better.  A flow chart seems go in sequential order and have a definitive end.  A mind map seems more like a brainstorming process with ideas going in different directions.  I agree with Anne Wall in her instruction for Thing # 14 of the 23 Things Project she mentions that a flow chart seems more for the reader and a mind map is more for the creator.  I tested and gliffy.  They are both easy to use applications.  They have a lot of design options.  I like that they both have preloaded formats for those of us that are less creative.  The only reason why I liked gliffy better was because I think I like the idea of flow charts better than mind maps. 

I think both mind maps and flow charts have their place in class rooms.  I plan on teaching Social Studies and a flow chart would be a great way to teach cause and effect in class.  It would also be a great way to create unique timelines. 

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