Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thing #4: Why Commenting is Important

Commenting helps create a sense of community because there is interaction between people.  Some blogger may be writing for themselves but it is a great feeling getting comments.  This lets the bloggers know that there is someone else out there that has the same interests or is in the same situation.

Writing a meaningful comment is very important.  Just agreeing with someone can make them feel good but commenting meaningfully takes the blog to a different level.   It creates that sense of community and challenges both the blogger and commenter.  This can take the bloggers original posts to a different level and help more people along the way.

Leaving posts open ended or asking questions is not only a great way to get people commenting but it allows the topic to grow.  Getting other readers involved gives the blog more substance because more people contribute to give a more diverse perspective.  

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The first 5 comments I made were to classmates.  I felt I commented when my brain started turning.  Meaning that I thought something was a great idea or I wanted to encourage someone.  I feel this is a great tool to not only help us with our future students but to help us encourage our peers.  We are life long learners so there will always be a new technique that a peer may need help with.

I commented on Sweeping the South.  It is a blog I follow about southern food.  I am originally from Massachusetts but I am learning to love southern food.  This blog is a fellow transplant to the south that discusses her food discoveries. I feel the blog helps me be adventurous with my food choices. 

I commented on the 2 Peas & a Dog blog because I shared her view on feeling compelled to organize.  It helped me feel like I was not the only out there and it also gave me some great tips for my future classroom.

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