Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thing #5: School 2.0

As I read the different articles about Web 2.0 and School 2.0, I learned some very interesting things about new technologies.  In the Machine is Us/Using Us video I was blown away by how the internet has evolved.  I guess I have noticed some of these changes but to see them all laid out together I was surprised.  It is amazing how much is behind it.  In Web 2.0 is the Future of Education it was great to see how these advances were going to benefit us in the classroom.  One thing that really excited me was when Steve Hargadon talks about the future of e-reading.

"Imagine an electronic book that allows you to comment on a sentence, paragraph, or section of the book, and see the comments from other readers... to then actually be in an electronic dialog with those other readers. It's coming." Steve Hargadon Web 2.0 is the Future of Classroom

To me this is such a great way for students to interact with the literature as they read.  Rather than trying to remember every thought they had while they were reading they can comment on it immediately. 

School 2.0 seems to be the present and future of the classroom.  Now that I think back on the classes I am taking currently.  We use Livetext as a portal to for an e-portfolio, the smartboards in classrooms, and textbooks on e-readers.  When I did my undergraduate degree 5 years we did not use any of these tools.  I am excited to see how these advance will enhance my future students experience.  I do want to throw one side note in here.  As great as this technology is I do hope that we do not rely on it completely.  There is something to learning the "old school" way at first.  

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