Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thing # 11: Finding Good Feeds

I felt that all of them were easy to use. Google Blogger Search and Blogging Search Engine had a lot more results than Technorati.   But Google Blogger Search and Blogging Search Engine had results that were not blogs.  These results were still great resources for what I was looking for but I found it odd that they were not blogs.  I found that slightly confusing but like I said they were still useful. 

I found some great feeds about teaching middle school social studies.  I found some from teachers and some from students.  The students ones were interesting they were mostly class projects and homework helping feeds.  This is something that I would encourage my students to use in the future. 

I follow a blog about cooking healthy.  I had never searched the blogs that they had her blog.  It was a great tool to use to find more blog posts about healthy cooking.  I feel like the more sources you have the more well rounded you will be. Following this method I did find that the more I clicked the slightly further I got from my original topic of cooking healthy. 

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