Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thing #12: Google is Not Just for Searching Anymore

I chose to set up a Google Alert for Teaching in Tennessee. I have used Google Alert before.  It is a great to to keep up to date on a currently changing topic. I think this will be a great way for me to keep a watchful eye on the ever changing teaching field in Tennessee. 

I made a Google Calendar.  I currently use Outlook to keep track of my appointments and school assignments.  But the Google Calendar seems to have an easier format when it comes to using the calendar on multiple devices.  There was an easy link to add the calendar to my cellphone and to use offline for when there is no internet access.  This would be a great tool to use with my future students.  I could help them organize their time and add the assignments to the calendar with them.  

Finals Week Looks like fun!!

The Google Books and Google Scholar are great research tools for students.  I frequently use both of these when researching.  This is a great place to start which attempting to find sources.  I will share this will my future students. 

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