Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thing # 8: Flickr Mashups

It was fun using all the Flickr mashups.  I think in my social studies classes the possibilities for using these mashups is endless.  One in particular that I think would be useful in social studies is the Mappr.  It would be a great way for the students to be given a area on the map to discover.  They could then use the Mappr to post pictures of items they found to be associated with that particular region.  It would be great way to show the overlap from country to country but also the differences.

I think sharing photos online can be good.  I think in a classroom setting photos that do not contain the individuals is a great way to share what the students are learning.  But definitely no pictures of students.  On a personal level it is a great way to share your interests with other on the internet that may have the same interests as you.  I still do not think that I would put photos of my family in a public setting. 

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